FREE 21-Day Challenge - Earth Day is Every Day 

The world needs us now more than ever to be leaders in making intentional choices that positively preserve the environment. 

Kathleen Ventura

Success Coach for Intentional Entrepreneurs

Join me and you will...
  • Learn 21 micro changes you can make to  up your game contributing to environmentalism + gain accountability
  • Have a chance to participate in a fun, community space with other inspiring women changing the world through their own habits and businesses

The world needs you...

"Entrepreneurs are innovative, highly motivated and critical thinkers. When these attributes are combined with a drive to solve social problems, a social entrepreneur is born."

-Muhammad Yunus
How this will work...
🌎Every day, for 21 days, I will send you an email.

🌎Each email will address a different topic and statistic, what you can do about it, and what your specific challenge activity is for that day to qualify for completing that day of the challenge

🌎 This is going to be fun and educational!

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